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Group Wellness Events

If you are a healer we want to get to know you! Please feel free to email us with your thoughts, interests, and ideas.

We believe that every person has their own Unique healing journey.  After all healing is not Linear.

Our goal is to hold Group Wellness Events not just with our staff but also with YOU.

If you or someone you know has dreamed of hosting a Wellness Retreat or is a healer who wants to bring other Healers together in one place to share your gifts then Ix Chel is the perfect place for you.


Email for Inquiry  

Daily Healing

Yoga and Meditation:


Tiffany is a certified Meditation Coach and is obtaining her Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour Certification.  Yoga is a beautiful practice to get your body and mind in sync so you can flow through your day with grace. 

Class Schedule Coming Soon!

Energy Healing:

As a Reiki Nurse Master Tiffany has built a practice healing her friends, family, and acquaintances with Life-Force Energy.  If energy healing calls to you, we have Tiffany available on site ready to guide you.


Daily Prepared Meals

At Ix Chel we believe that one of the most important ways to heal is to fuel your body with the proper nutrition.  If you would like to take part in our daily meals please check here for our offerings. 

We love to incorporate healthy options while also keeping in mind what each food actually does when it enters your body.  The body has 7 Main Chakras and if feeding your bodies energetic needs is important to you it is important to US!

Please check back closer to opening and we will have menus available for

Download Here

Download our menus:

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